Vendor FS Ltd is a UK company focusing on innovative solutions to vendors' customers and channel partners in EMEA, LatAm and India

About Us
Value for You

Mission Generate increased sales for vendors at no risk for them
Vision Customized, innovative programs tailored to customers'  needs could create a WIN-WIN-WIN solution for vendors, channel partners and corporate customers

Business Strategy

Vendor FS is a sales team working as part of a vendor at CXO level (CIO, CTO, CMO, CFO, Head of Procurement)
We sell vendor solutions supported by a customised model
  • eliminating budget issues, using both CAPEX and OPEX for 3 years
  • reducing total cost of ownership, without  risk to customer
  • increasing productivity, profitability, efficiency of acquisition, deployment and refresh of vendors' technologies

Vendor FS Ltd
The Riverside Centre,
40 High Street,
Kingston upon Thames, UK

2013 Vendor FS

Reg  № 8424396